Ukrainian models

In connection with the starvation death of Brazilian model Anna Carolina Reston, who died from exhaustion, “Blick” interviewed Ukrainian models, hungry, and if they do they relate to thinness.

Alexander Nikolaenko, National Director of “Miss Ukraine-Universe”, model: “I am opposed to starvation! This lack of awareness of: the girls are thinking when hungry – that is the key to success, and not even know that it leads to serious illness. ”
Alena Avramenko, first vice-miss “Miss Europe – 2006″ “I do not need a diet – I’m too young for this. A recent case of a Brazilian model who died of exhaustion … Personally, I never would imagine this is not allowed! Even for the sake of his beloved profession. ”
Ukrainian models Masha Proshkovskaya, professional model agency models Karin MMG: «For the sake of starvation am very negative. I think if these girls are natural does not allow her to work as a model, you need not torture yourself so. Personally, I never go hungry. Just my healthy diet. ”
Ukrainian models Vlada Litovchenko, president of the agency Ukrainian models of Karin MMG, model: “The fact that the model for the profession starve himself to death – a myth. I personally do not know any and have not met. If a girl is going on – her mental illness … “